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Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffees in our speciality coffee shop

Explore the fantastic range of speciality coffee, full of flavors, aromas and acids carefully created through the dedicated craftsmanship of our extraordinary partners around the world. Browse through our exceptional premium specialty coffee selection. Our range includes the highest quality coffees with unusual background or stories, plus blends and single origin coffees and unconventional coffees such as flavoured Espresso. Look around and find the best specialty coffee blends for you. Read more about Speciality Coffee ↓

Specialty Coffee
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Speciality Coffee

If you are one of the most inveterate coffee lovers, then you will also have wanted to try a different drink, one of the many speciality coffeesBut which one to choose?

There are many qualities of coffee that have never been tried before. The history behind every coffee is long and complex, unique. It starts from the land and the hands that cultivate it, far away, in an exotic world; it goes by sea, by land or by air: the coffee travels a very long way before being ground and roasted in the arrival roasting plant. After being processed, there are still two important trips: the one from the company to the shelf and the one that will take it from the shelf to your cup.

Because of this long and complex history, no coffee is ever the same as the one before. Every step of the preparation, every green bean, can hide a small universe of differences, which takes the form of new aromas, different colors, flavors and textures.

Every coffee, in short, is a special coffee, but some are more special than others, because they are studied with a different philosophy and aspire to enhance a different aspect of this long chain.

From the Earth, to the processing, to the plant, to the people. Specialty coffees are all different from each other and offer a quality experience never tried before.

In our assortment we have different ones, each with a different history, with a tradition, with principles, with ideals. God follow we list some Special Coffees, explaining briefly to what they owe the honor of being considered "Special Coffees".

Of course the invitation is to discover all those present in this category, one by one, for their exceptional tastes and flavors.

“Tre Forze!”:  The coffee of the true Sicilian tradition

The coffee "Tre Forze!" is the Sicilian coffee of tradition. Taking a step back in time, the roasters of Tre Forze! have gone to reconstruct the ancient techniques of coffee roasting, to bring back to life the rustic aroma of olive wood roasted beans.

The olive wood, which grows at the foot of Etna on a lava soil, is rich in precious minerals, which during cooking, give a unique taste to the beans, which with a normal roasting could never get. The roasting is slow and at a constant temperature, so that the coffee can absorb the aroma of the wood, to obtain a clean and quality result.

The coffee that comes from this Sicilian practice is a drink with dense and creamy consistencies, with a rustic and spicy taste. Both Arabica and Robusta beans are used in ideal quantities.

Tre Forze! coffee is round, sapid and low in caffeine. An experience of true pleasure and relaxation.  Specialty coffee beans you should try at least ones.


Espresso coffee "Orang Utan" from Speicherstadt specialty coffee beans

A coffee with a funny name, but that was born to fulfill a serious mission: Speicherstadt Orang Utan is the product of a truly sustainable and proactive supply chain towards the preservation of the environment and respect for the land and its inhabitants.

Orang Utan is a specialty coffee because it was born to show that it is possible to appreciate a good coffee even without destroying the tropical rainforest, a territory increasingly tested by monocultures.

The symbol of this enterprise is the Orango, the monkey that inspired the name of this coffee, in solidarity against the threat to its habitat. But the forest is not the only one to benefit from this initiative: farmers are also rewarded for their efforts to cultivate the precious berries in a climate of respect for the territory.

The double support of this initiative takes the form of every kilo of coffee with a real donation to preserve the natural heritage and to support the work of farmers engaged in growing coffee in harmony with nature.

Tasting Orang Utan coffee you not only choose to act in a direct way to the creation of a fair and conscious supply chain, but you can also feel the natural tastes of the coffee beans grown in the humid climate and rich soil surrounding the forest, which give this blend a deep and sugary taste, like a special coffee.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee

One of the most delicious, refined and delicious speciality coffees: Jamaica Blue Mountain beans are unique and really expensive. An essential experience for anyone who considers himself a coffee connoisseur or lover; these beans are grown only between the peaks of Jamaica Blue Mountain.

At over 2300 meters above sea level, there are about 6000 hectares of plantations. This is the only place where this variety of coffee can be born and grow.

The secret of its unique characteristics lies in the fog that envelops these peaks and that, by shading the sun, slows down the growth of the Coffea plant. With over 10 months of slow cultivation the beans are enriched with unique tastes and aromas. The final result is really a sweet sensory experience rich in nuances of taste.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is perfect for lovers of homemade coffee: it is bought in beans and ground on the spot, to preserve the precious aroma hidden in every bean of this special coffee.

Coffee Solino. 100% Ethiopian coffee

Like Orang Utan coffee, Solino coffee has a unique ethic and that's why it is part of our speciality coffee section. If Arabica coffee exists today, it is thanks to Ethiopia, the first nation in the world where this quality of coffee was discovered. Unfortunately, coffee growing is not always a fair business and for this reason, Solino coffee offers a coffee different from any other.

Ethiopian coffee of the best Arabica, grown, processed, roasted, ground and packaged in the very land where it originates, by the people who have been working, from generation to generation, to cultivate Coffea Arabica for many years.

Solino does not deal with charity, however, but with "Fair Trade". The mission is aimed at the social and cultural development of Ethiopia, reachable through the economic independence that only a fairly paid job can give.

Besides, Solino coffee is not only fair, but also good: as good as it knows how to be a coffee produced by hands that know the land and work its precious beans, to offer a truly authentic quality of Arabica, like a real special coffee.

The cafes Monsonati del Malabar

In India, in Malabar to be exact, Arabica and Robusta are transformed into a coffee with ancient properties and origins: monsoon coffee.

Originating from ancient commercial vessels, monsoon coffee was a consequence of the salinity of the air to which the beans were exposed in order to avoid the formation of unpleasant mold.

Today this coffee is the choice of experts who know how to appreciate a slightly sour taste, reminiscent of the air coming from the ocean.

The monsoon coffee is a special, unique and exotic coffee because of the natural treatment to which it is exposed for 3 or 4 months, before its further processing. During this period the beans absorb moisture and salt from the air so they swell and acquire the characteristic opaque yellow color.

Color, aroma, preparation techniques, long "monsonatura" times: with these qualities Malabar coffee becomes one of the most particular varieties within everyone's reach, a special coffee.

Among new flavors, respect and tradition

Our Specialty Coffees are the result of a research that wants to offer a good range of flavoursexperiencestechniques and values.

Coffee is not only special for its taste, coffee is also special for what it represents, for the hands that collect it, for the passion behind each blend, for moments of intimacy or sharing.

Here we have the presentation of some unique products, each one adapts to the needs and stimuli that every coffee connoisseur seeks for himself or herself or to make an interesting, unique and memorable gift.

The most important thing, however, is always the same: coffee must be good and these coffees are good; good but with an extra gear. 

We hope you find your special bean in our speciality coffee shop.