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Italian almond cookies with soft inner core

Ricciarelli are an almond cookie from Italy that is soft inside like marzipan. Ricciarelli are often served on festive occasions. Soft and chewy, Italian Ricciarelli are made from almond flour with a hint of orange or lemon flavor. They are a wonderful gluten-free option for a Christmas cookie plate or can be enjoyed any time of the year with your favorite coffee.

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Nannini Ricciarelli mit Schokolade Bewertungen mit
Nannini Ricciarelli chocolate
250g | 09.2022
Product Code: 4105
12.50€ *
(5.00€ * / 100 g)

1-3 Workdays Product Code:  4105

Nannini Ricciarelli mit Mandeln Bewertungen mit
Nannini Ricciarelli almonds
250g | 11.2022
Product Code: 4104
12.50€ *
(5.00€ * / 100 g)

1-3 Workdays Product Code:  4104