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Immensely fluffy, fluffy, ingenious!

Panettone is one of the most popular Italian cakes in the run-up to Christmas. This delightfully fluffy, wadded cake is a great alternative to the classic German Christstollen. Panettone is a traditional Milanese fine baked good consumed primarily during and before the Christmas season. The "Disciplinare di produzione del" (production regulations) specifies the established production and product specification, through an official description "Panettone tipico della tradizione artigiana Milanese". For the production of the traditional panettone, only the following ingredients are allowed: Water, flour, sugar, salt, yogurt, cocoa butter, butter, raisins, fresh egg, pasteurized egg products, milk, condensed milk, candied peel of oranges and cedar lemons (minimum size of pieces 8 × 8 mm). Other possible ingredients include natural flavors or nature-identical flavors, honey, vanilla, malt and malt extract. Various other ingredients are specifically excluded: Colors, soy lecithin or preservatives. Try our original Milanese Panettone - wonderfully aromatic and with particularly fluffy-soft yeast dough - seasonal article (only around Christmas time in our assortment).

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