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Ottolina Espresso Fortissima

Ottolina Espresso Fortissima Bewertungen mit

1000g whole espresso beans in a bag

70% Arabica - 30% Robusta

5 countries for the perfect espresso

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Content: 1 kg

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Ottolina Espresso Fortissima
22.90€ *
Content: 1 kg
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Ottolina Espresso - Fortissima 1000g bag - whole espresso beans Blending ratio: 70%... more

Ottolina Espresso - Fortissima

1000g bag - whole espresso beans

Blending ratio: 70% Arabica beans / 30% Robusta beans

Fortissima is a wonderful Italian espresso creation with many faces. It contains precious raw beans from 5 countries that combine to create a unique blend. Sweet aroma, creamy taste and the sought-after kick in the finish - this result is achieved by taking the best characteristics from 3 Arabica and 2 Robusta varieties and combining them.

Brazil: the first Arabica variety comes from the mountains of Brazil. Fruity beans with low caffeine content are grown and harvested there at an altitude of almost 800 m.

Colombia: here we have the strongest Arabica bean of all. Extremely intense and aromatic. It gives Fortissima its sweetness.

Ethiopia: the third Arabica comes from the Ethiopian highlands. This growing area is known for its excellent quality. The African beans give the espresso its strain and balance.

India: known for the best robusta beans in the world, India does not disappoint here either. Deep chocolaty flavor, but not too bitter at all. Incredibly full-bodied.

Vietnam: the Fortissima is rounded off by a Vietnamese highland Robusta. The beans are cultivated there at up to 1300 m. Plenty of sunshine and abundant rainy seasons provide optimal conditions for the coffee's development. Full, round body with notes of roasted nuts and dark chocolate.

Once in Italy, all varieties are refined separately in a drum roaster. Since each bean has its own requirements regarding roasting, individual treatment is very important. This is the only way to achieve a perfect taste result. Then, the finished beans are combined in Ottolina's secret blend to create a 70/30 blend.

Ottolina Fortissima is ideal for the preparation of pure espresso or as a base for milk drinks. As a cappuccino, a nice chocolate note comes to the fore. We recommend 16g of espresso powder for about 40 to 50 ml of espresso. Bewertungen mit