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Moka Efti Extra Bar 1000g Espresso Kaffee
Chocolaty, Nutty & Intense

Moka Efti Extra Bar - a coffee for every occasion

Easy to handle and to have for every preparation.

Moka Efti Extra Bar Espresso Coffee

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Moka Efti Extra BAR Whole espresso beans - 1kg bag This blend of Moka Efti with its small... more

Moka Efti Extra BAR

Whole espresso beans - 1kg bag

This blend of Moka Efti with its small proportion of Robusta beans can be described as an all-rounder blend.

As an espresso with beautiful crema very well-balanced with fine fruity acidity and well dosed aromas of dark chocolate. Just strong enough to be drunk in a cappuccino. Due to the medium roasting, this full-bodied but mild blend can also be enjoyed as a Schümli in a fully automatic machine. It tolerates the longer processing time without becoming watery or bitter. On the contrary, a wonderfully long cup awaits you, which tastes great right down to the last sip.

The selected Arabica and Robusta beans are roasted very uniformly and give a good picture.

The packaging of the coffee is wonderfully traditional. The eye also drinks a little. The design with oriental elements is a wonderful reminiscence of the origins of this coffee. The coffee house MOKA Efti in Berlin in the 1920s embodied this style of art decoration and Arabic flair like no other restaurant.


Roasting shop/manufacturer:

Moka Efti SPA
Via A.Meucci 16/22
20094 Corsico - Italy

EAN: 8032973380010
Arabica / Robusta: 60-79% Arabica
Roast Level: Medium
Strength: Intense
Package Size: 1kg
Caffeine Content: Medium Caffeine Content
Type / Nature: Whole Bean
Appliance: Portafilter
Aroma: Chocolaty, Nutty
Region: North Italy Bewertungen mit Bewertungen mit

Moka Efti SPA, Via A.Meucci 16/22, 20094 Corsico (MI), Italy