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Mille Soli Caffè Crema
Chocolaty, Nutty & Balanced

Creamy premium espresso coffee
250g beans roasted over an open wood fire

Mille Soli Caffè Crema

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Mille Soli - Crema Espresso 250g espresso beans The Mille Soli Crema is the perfect coffee... more

Mille Soli - Crema Espresso

250g espresso beans

The Mille Soli Crema is the perfect coffee for the morning. Its 40% Robusta content gives the cup a lot of momentum and reliably wakes you up. In terms of taste, the crema scores with a great composition of chocolate, roasted nuts and a slight fruitiness. The patented 3-stage roasting ensures this balance. The green beans are roasted several times over an open wood fire.

Step 1 : 
A 5-minute roast removes the residual moisture from the green coffee beans. The beans now have a honey-yellow complexion and their delicate scent already suggests the later delicious variety of the fully developed coffee aromas.

Step 2 :
After a cooling air mist bath, the second roasting phase begins at around 120 to 205 C. The now hazelnut-brown beans give off the incomparable scent of freshly roasted coffee.

Step 3 :
Following a further cooling phase, the most important roasting takes place: the beans are given their classic chocolate color. The trained eye and many years of experience of the roasting master determine the optimal degree of roasting for first-class quality.

Enjoy this strong mixture with milk as a cappuccino or latte macchiato.

Arabica / Robusta: 60-79% Arabica
Roast Level: Medium
Strength: Balanced
Package Size: 250g
Caffeine Content: High Caffeine Content
Type / Nature: Whole Bean
Appliance: Portafilter
Aroma: Chocolaty, Nutty
Region: Germany Bewertungen mit Bewertungen mit

Mille Soli, Caffè Cultura GmbH, Graf-Adolf-Str. 61, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany