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Lavazza Blue

LavAzza Blue Capsules (Office coffee solution)

Enjoy luxury Italian coffee at the touch of a button with the Lavazza BLUE Espresso Machine, a single-serve coffee maker for use in the home or office. It could be your perfect office coffee solution. Lavazza BLUE is an exclusive, single-serve coffee maker designed for office and small business environments. Each machine delivers a perfect drink every time, with a unique assortment of coffee pods. The BLUE technology and its variety of coffee pods are a reflection of Lavazza's century-long passion for coffee, ensuring an authentic Italian coffee experience at every coffee break. The Lavazza BLUE capsules are the ultimate, most practical solution for coffee breaks. Choose from our unique assortment of single-dose coffee capsules today. Read more about Lavazza Blue ↓

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Lavazza Blue Espresso Intenso
Lavazza BLUE capsules, Espresso Intenso
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Content: 800 g (3.74€ * / 100 g)
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Lavazza BLUE capsules, Espresso Dolce
Lavazza BLUE capsules, Espresso Dolce
Order number: 1172
Content: 800 g (3.74€ * / 100 g)
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Lavazza Blue Ricco
Lavazza BLUE capsules, Espresso Ricco
Order number: 1370
Content: 800 g (3.74€ * / 100 g)
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Lavazza BLUE Crema Lungo
Lavazza Capsules BLUE and Caffe Crema Lungo
Order number: 1402
Content: 900 g (3.32€ * / 100 g)
From 29.90€ *

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The Lavazza Blue system

Lavazza BlueThe Lavazza Blue system was born from the imagination of the Turin-based Lavazza company, a leading company in the coffee trade in Italy and the world.

The Blue line boasts countless attempts at imitation and is confirmed as one of the most appreciated for its vast assortment and the high quality of its products. Lavazza Blue capsules are ideal for both a coffee break and a good morning espresso, perfect to greet a new day.


Lavazza Blue: a guarantee of quality

The Lavazza company took root in Turin over 120 years ago. Since then, its respect for quality, its high standards and its continuous ability to innovate and stand out have built up a story of prestige and character around the company.

Excellence comes from an intuition of Luigi Lavazza who had the idea of mixing different qualities of coffee to obtain the so-called "blends" that we all know well today.

With a story like this, we could only expect the best from this company, which still today is one of the most avant-garde companies in the Belpaese.

The BLUE system, which stands for Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso, aims to bring the quality of the freshly prepared blend to the desk in every office or on the table in every home.


Lavazza Blue capsules

To guarantee a rich and constant aroma over time, Lavazza uses special capsules, sealed in such a way as to recreate the preservation properties of the vacuum within each single dose.

The coffee, pre-dosed and packaged, is ready to be used in vending machines for offices, or in smaller coffee machines for home consumption.

The range of capsules and blends is really remarkable: from the softer and richer Arabica varieties, to the more full-bodied ones, obtained by blending with the best Robusta, carefully selected, in line with the company's high standards.


Arabica blends

DOLCE and CAFFÈ CREMA, are among the softest and most delicate blends offered by the Lavazza Blue range. They share a high percentage of Arabica beans from Brazil and India.

Arabica coffee beans are sweeter, very fragrant and have a slightly acidulous aftertaste, but maintain a balanced flavor and low caffeine content. The Arabica species is the most produced in the world; in fact, it represents 70% of the world coffee production.


Robusta blends

The INTENSO and RICCO blends are among the most popular among coffee lovers with full-bodied, dark tones and a strong and intense flavor. These blends are composed of more or less high percentages of Robusta beans, the variety of coffee grown mainly in Africa and South East Asia, famous for its persistent, chocolaty taste and high caffeine content.

A choice of flavors selected for the most demanding palates, who need strong and decisive tastes and who want to carve out a corner of pleasure in the frenzy of everyday life.


A range of benefits

Choosing Lavazza Blue capsules is a choice of style and offers the possibility of ranging in the taste of the various blends proposed. Lavazza Blue, in fact, covers all shades of aromas and flavors, from the most intense to the sweetest, from the lightest to the most full-bodied.

Lavazza Blue is a historic, successful and constantly expanding range. Always a market leader, it is the preferred choice of millions of coffee lovers.

With Lavazza Blue capsules you will always have your quality coffee break at your fingertips. The use of capsule machines is also simple and requires very little maintenance. Lavazza Blue capsules are perfectly dosed and reduce waste. Let yourself be surprised by their practicality, but above all by their incomparable aromas and flavors. Surprise yourself every time: every coffee will be as good as the first.

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