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Hausbrandt Pods

Hausbrandt E.S.E. (Easy Serve Espresso) espresso pods

Herrmann Hausbrandt founded the traditional roastery in Trieste as early as 1892. To this day, the ultra-fine espresso varieties are among the best gourmet coffees in Italy. As an ESE pad, you will receive a lot of sorts of pure pads from Hausbrandt in addition to the Academia.
Haustbrandt has several different origin coffees in their ESE Espresso pod line that makes it a fun rotation to taste the pods together seeing what Hausbrandt can do with the coffees in an expression of espresso. Hausbrandt exclusively uses hand-picked, fully ripe Arabica beans of prize from Brazil and Latin America. The roasting is done in the traditional drums. The combination of high-quality espresso with the practical and ecological ESE standard offers 100% coffee pleasure. Try the simple and clean preparation of a great italian espresso with Hausbrandt ese pods.

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