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Espresso Coffee Sampler Top Quality

| 1kg | Whole Bean
Espresso Bohnen Geheimtipp

4 x 250g beans

Arabicaffe Super Miscela
Mokaflor Blu
Moka Efti Nonplusultra
Salimbene Caffetteria

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Best espresso coffees to try   - Insider tip! - 4 x 250g beans   Salimbene... more

Best espresso coffees to try  - Insider tip! -

4 x 250g beans


Salimbene Caffetteria - 250g tin bean

100% Arabica beans

Balanced espresso coffee. Fruity aromas, complemented by a pleasant sweetness. This southern Italian blend consists of five coffees from Brazil, Honduras, Indonesia, and Uganda. A perfect balance between fruity aromas, sweetness, and creaminess are the characteristics of Caffetteria - a full-bodied blend with a long-lasting taste on the palate. The low caffeine content (less than 2%) invites you to enjoy this wonderful taste experience over and over again.

Extract from Crema Magazine May - June 2017: The best songs of heavy metal bands are sometimes the ballads. Like the 100% Arabica by the master of the (actually) dark arts Carlo Grenci of Salimbene. Even those who don't like Salimbene otherwise... will take their hats off to this masterpiece. Perfect from the crema to the finish.


Moka Efti Nonplusultra - 250g tin bean

80% Arabica beans I 20% Robusta beans

The name gives a hint of greatness. Cult coffee with its origins in Berlin in the 1920s. Origin of the beans: Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Tanzania, Guatemala, Indonesia Roasting degree: Medium roasting. Since 1930, the name MOKA EFTI has stood for high-quality coffee artistry. The rounded and full taste, the sweet notes and at the same time the spicy taste of the NONPLUSULTRA blend is an unforgettable experience. For over 80 years, the roasting plant has been preserving the tradition of Mr. Efti and we are delighted to be able to offer this coffee again to our customers.


Mokaflor Blu - 250g bag bean

50% Robusta I 50% Arabica

This very strong mixture of Florence is ideal for all types of preparation with milk. The Blu of Mokaflor combines the mildness of Brazilian Arabicas with the intensity and structure of Robusta beans from the Far East. The coffee is roasted in a so-called "separation process" in which each type of bean is roasted according to its ideal roasting point. For this, Mokaflor uses a roasting machine with a rotary drum, in which the coffee is heated slowly and gently. As a result, Mokaflor Blu coffee is a blend of penetrating power, a little acidity, and a slight sweetness. Evaluation: strong coffee, very dense cream formation, high caffeine content.


Arabicaffe Espresso coffee Supermiscela 250g bean

Sicilian top espresso. Slowly roasted and perfect to the point. Each type of green coffee has its own roasting profile. Arabicaffe, therefore, roasts each variety individually and blends only after the roasting process. This exclusive and delicate creation combines a low caffeine content with fine but intense aromas and a wonderful fragrance. The Arabicaffe Supermiscela variety is also known as the "true Italian" espresso. This is how espresso is drunk in the south of Italy.

In exceptional cases, we reserve the right to replace a variety with an equivalent espresso in the tasting set.

Type / Nature: Whole Bean
Appliance: Portafilter, Espresso Machine
Package Size: 1kg Reviews with

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