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Cleaning brewing groups of your portafilter - fast, easy and safe!

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Espazzola cleaning tool for the brewing group, red

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Espazzola - Cleaning brewing groups, fast and easy! The Espazzola is a professional tool to... more

Espazzola - Cleaning brewing groups, fast and easy!

The Espazzola is a professional tool to clean the brewing group of espresso machines. It is hooked into the brewing group like a sieve holder and uses the hot water from the machine for a thorough and comprehensive removal of coffee residues from all surfaces. Instead of laboriously brushing out the brewing group by hand, the machine almost cleans itself.

How does the Espazzola work?

The Espazzola consists of a stiff cup part that can be hooked into the brewing group like a sieve carrier. A flexible insert - the membrane - is attached to this cup.

Espazzola Reinigungstool DetailThe flexible membrane adapts to the brewing group. All areas in this angled and hot part are wiped off at the same time - up to the seal and into the groove for the sieve support cams!




Espazzola Reinigungstool Funktion

At the same time, the hot water from the espresso machine is used to thoroughly rinse the brewing group. The hot water is then safely led over the rim of the cup into the drip tray.

With this intelligent principle, cleaning all surfaces in the brewing group takes less than 20 seconds and is as easy as covering an espresso. And that, without much spilling or burned fingers! The espresso machine almost cleans itself.

To make sure that the Espazzola fits, check the screen holder of your machine for these features:

The screen holder must be between 56mm and 58mm wide inside. (more sizes are planned, but not yet available)
The strainer support must be able to be hooked into the brewing group using two cams.

The Espazzola is NOT suitable for the following machines:

  • Lelit (Anna (PL41LEM, PL41EM, PL41QE), Anita (PL042TEMD, PL042EMI, PL042LM, PL042QE), Gilda or Diana (PL60R1), Grace (PL81T)
  • ISOMAC Diamantina, Venus, Maverick and Giada
  • Ascaso Dream, Steel and Basic
  • La Pavoni, Domus Bar and Domus Casa
  • Breville
  • Saeco Aroma Nera
  • Quickmill (0820, 0835, 2820, 2835, 3000, 3004, 3035, 3130, 3135, 3140, 3145, 3230, 3240, 3245, 4005)
  • Gastroback Advanced Control
  • The advantages of Espzzola at a glance:

Espazzola - keine Kleckerei   Espazzola | sehr Sauber  Espazzola Reinigungstool Bruehgruppe Düsennadeln reinigen

Espazzola | BithalterEspazzola Reinigungstool Siebträgermaschine Vergleich Espazzola Reinigungstool besteht aus hochwertigen Materialien

No more spilling the beans

  • The brewing group is thoroughly cleaned up.
  • Built-in jet needles
  • Use as screwdriver
  • Very fast cleaning
  • Consists of high-quality materials


Siebträger Reinigungs-Tool

Espazzola Gebrauchsanleitung

Espazzola - Anleitung Gebrauchshinweise

Siebträger Reinigung Brühgruppe

Buy Espazzola spare membrane:Espazzola - Ersatz Membran Bewertungen mit Bewertungen mit

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