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Cavallucci • Capote

Cavallucci, typical Tuscan Christmas cookies

Cavallucci are one of the most famous Christmas treats in Tuscany, dating back to Renaissance times when the church's council would give panpepato and cavallucci to their members. Originally from Siena, these old-fashioned biscuits have a soft texture and are made with plain flour, nuts, candied fruit, aniseeds and spices.

These cookies called cavallucci were originally imprinted with the image of a horse and were named for the cavallari or the horsemen who drove two-wheeled carts and often stopped at osterie (inns) along the way to quench their thirst.

According to tradition everyone in Siena eats two cavallucci and one piece of panforte at Christmastime.

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Nannini Cavallucci
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Product Code: 4109