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Caffe-Cortese-LogoIt is 1956 and Carmine Cortese begins his adventure by giving his name to his dream: to spread the coffee culture and bring to life some of the best coffee blends on the market. Thus Caffè Cortese was born, not just a brand, but a new idea to understand the most drunk beverage in the world. In a cup of Caffè Cortese it is possible to capture all the aromas, appreciate the perfect roast and taste the different intensities of taste. All this while respecting the tradition of the Neapolitan espresso and the culture of the different tasting styles: a coffee that is appreciated everywhere, creamy and aromatic, rigorously prepared and tasted at the moment.

Cortese Caffè
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Caffe Cortese Napoletano Espresso Kaffee Bewertungen mit
Säurearmer Kaffee Caffè Cortese Espresso Napoletano
1kg | Whole Bean | 11.2023
Product Code: 10509
14.90€ *
(14.90€ * / 1 kg)

1-3 Workdays Product Code:  10509

Roast Level: Dark Strength: Intense
Aroma: Chocolaty, Nutty

Caffè Cortese from Naples

Every good story begins with coffee

Whether raw or roasted, there is something magical about picking up coffee beans.

Smelling the aroma, observing the color and size to see where they come from; feeling that sensory emotion that anticipates the explosion of flavor they will give in the cup; this is what Caffè Cortese has been doing for more than 60 years.

Caffè Cortese carefully selects the best Arabica and Robusta varieties and roasts them separately or together, depending on the blend, so that all those nuances come out that give your blends a distinctive aroma.

Excellent coffees with which to start or end the day, to recharge your batteries or treat yourself to a moment of relaxation, always with a touch of pleasure.


What makes Caffè Cortese special

The many varieties of green coffee available to them allow Caffè Cortese to satisfy every palate.

From the most aromatic to the strongest, through variable intensities and flavors: their blends are born to surprise even the most demanding connoisseur.

At home as at the bar, in clubs or offices, their products are designed, realized and packaged to satisfy every desire.