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Café Florio

Café Florio - The French Premium Espresso

FlorioCafé Florio is a brand of Cafés Richard and at the same time the highest quality premium line of the traditional French roastery. We discovered this masterpiece of the art of roasting during a holiday in Paris. We were so enthusiastic about this espresso that we had to include it in our range! The history of Cafés Richard is long and rich in tradition. Over 130 years of experience in refining coffee has produced an incredible expertise. And you can taste it! May we introduce - Our favourite coffee from France.

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CAFÉS RICHARD and Café Florio

Café Florio Is the Premium Brand of the French Traditional Roaster Cafés Richard. After the company had made an honourable name for itself in the decades before, not only in France but also worldwide, the roasting masters wanted to take the range to a whole new level. So they experimented with the most valuable raw beans from all over the world until a unique blend was created. Coffee connoisseurs from all over the world were asked to taste and the result was clear - a perfect roast, incredibly complex and aromatic taste. This was to become the best espresso in France. And for many, it was. A stand-out design was to round off this masterpiece. The Café Florio was born. It quickly became a favourite in the range of Cafés Richard and was also increasingly popular in the HORECA sector.

Today, it is the best-selling espresso in the whole of France.