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Espresso Probierset Blu

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Strong BLU POWER set with a lot of robustas

Espresso Trial set Blu

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BLU POWER trial set A strong TRIO from the south of Italy. Power, taste, intensity, volume -... more

BLU POWER trial set

A strong TRIO from the south of Italy. Power, taste, intensity, volume - these are the characteristics of these wonderful varieties. We have added a new discovery to the 2 well-known and popular varieties Borbone and Toraldo. And believe us, you will also fall in love with it. The Barbaro roastery has a long tradition and produces blends that make the heart of a Neapolitan beat faster. Not bitter but powerful and with long reverberation. A greeting from Vesuvius.

3 x 1000g bean

Borbone Caffè Espresso Blu 1000g

Mixing ratio: 60% Arabica beans / 40% Robusta beans

Balanced and full-bodied, creamy. Perfectly roasted to serve you a unique strong espresso and cappuccino.

After tasting the Borbone Miscela BLU you will feel like recommending this unique espresso to your local café.

Blu Blend Caffè Borbone is suitable for those who expect a full-bodied and creamy coffee. The ingenious combination of 60/40 Arabica and Robusta beans creates an exquisite espresso coffee that is second to none. Perfect for sieve carrier machines.

Toraldo Espresso Blu 1000g

A full-bodied coffee with low acidity, excellent crema, and high caffeine content. A truly gentle giant.

Toraldo Bluette No. 40 contains 60% Arabica coffee beans from Central America and Africa; the other 40% are Indonesian Robusta coffee beans.

The beans are roasted according to Neapolitan tradition. This means long roasting times and a dark, slightly oily espresso bean with a fruity-sweet taste.

This type of coffee enjoys a large fan base in the upscale gastronomy. The high proportion of Robusta gives expression and strength, whereby one must always emphasise how smooth this espresso comes across. A fantastic espresso coffee with an excellent crema.

The Bluette is excellent as an espresso as well as for all specialties with hot milk.

Barbaro Caffè Espresso Blu 1000g

Mixing ratio: 50% Arabica beans / 50% Robustas beans

Typical Neapolitan - How Neapolitans love their café

The Barbaro Blu Blend uses first-class Robustas from Uganda, the Ivory Coast, and India as well as Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia. These ensure an exceptionally full body and an excellent crema.

The long, slow and very dark roasting process ensures that acids are virtually eliminated. The oily, silky shine on the beans proves this, as the coffee oil contained in the beans rises to the surface.

Full-bodied espresso coffee, with cocoa, roasted hazelnut, and bitter almond flavours.

Arabica / Robusta: 40-59% Arabica
Roast Level: Dark
Low-acid: Yes
Strength: Intense
Package Size: 1kg
Caffeine Content: High Caffeine Content
Type / Nature: Whole Bean
Appliance: Portafilter Bewertungen mit Bewertungen mit

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